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Branding Guidelines - Branding guidelines can include how your logo and trademark appear.


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Including domain name, e-mail and hosting - pay monthly (standing order)

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The maintenance contract is worth considering carefully, allowing your site to be updated Monthly, you can email any changes required, they will be uploaded each Month, keeping your site fresh and current. Visitors dislike web sites that never change. As you can see above there are options of pay as you go contracts, these are subject to a minimum 12 Month contract then a 1 Month notice period is required.

The single page webvert is a way of publishing an advert for your company, with contact details and 1 email address (linked). For e-commerce solutions please contact us for pricing / requirements. If you have just a few products these can be added to your site at a very reasonable price. Again if you don’t see a price plan that fits your needs please contact us with your requirements.


Welcome to Vidigraph Web Site Design, you will find links to sites that have been created by  us, we are able to complete a full web site to your specification, including links and feedbacks from your favourite Social Networking sites to promote your business.